Friday, February 1, 2013

B&W Make-up tutorial

Hello Dollies!
I have got a Make-up tutorial for you!
I made it about 1-2 years ago.
Someone asked me how to do it and I guess it's easier to show it in a video than to describe it.

I hope you like it!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Time To Say Goodbye

Hello to everyone who may have read my posts,

I've decided to resign from the blog. Schoolwork has taken over my life and with the amount of posting I have to do for various different blogs I had to resign from a few unfortunatly. Thankyou for letting me write for the blog, it was a great oppertunity and I wish the next writer luck and good fortune x

So for one final time...

Love Georgie/abbeydawn122 xx

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween makeup Tutorial: Vampire! ♥

Hey, I'm back & I'm soo sorry. But here a Halloween makeup tutorial ! It took me a lot of time, but it's here & I hope you like it ! :) Please comment about my work, P.S.: I edited the background with Photoshop & Gimp . But nothing else!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Presentations- Update yours today x

Hello Readers,

Today I'm talking about presentations; how to have a good presentation. If you’re a little like me you probably don’t have the best of presentations and would like a new one but don’t want others on your account, don’t have the skill and time to make a decent one. I have found the answer thanks to an amazing member- mannyperry.

x.HTMLpage.x is the name of the user who has a wide variety of templates for designing your presentation complete with glowing text, border backgrounds, glowing/flashing text, scroll boxes the list is endless! She also doesn’t mind you using them all templates are free and all she asks of you is to keep the little © and her name. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Visit her here and change your presentation today!

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Readers,
I’m back from my mini break in Wales, with one thing in mind: Accessories
Statement accessories are one of the key items of this season with handcuffs at Laboutin and pradas new range of iconic eyewear, stardoll has brought us many fabulous accessories each fall at a range of prices from L.E’s classic fur gloves and boots to art deco Bizou bangles and metallic collars.

If it’s statement you want L.E will provide you with the most amazing pieces to liven up any outfit… but will probably leave you with hardly any sd in your account. For a handful of starcoins you can pick up the same style accessories for a fraction of the original price.

My other personal favourite type of accessories has to be those of the hotbuys variety. Quirky and individual each is unique and unpredictable. Woolly hats, colourful detailed necklaces even a silk effect turban or two is nothing out of the ordinary.

Bizou is the home of Stardolls essentials, but with a twist of glamour and chicness thrown into the mix. I was impressed by their interpretation of this seasons major obsession with collars, and even more inpressed with the prices. My favourite had to be the gold metallic collar priced at only …, - such a bargain!

What are your favourite accessories, and places to find them? Comment for a cupcake J

Love Georgie/abbeydawn122 xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm going away for a few days

Hello readers,

As it's half term my mum is forcing me to go to wales, a land of no internet connection and sheep. I am most worried about missing the new L.E, but will be back on wednesday morning and have messaged rachellouiseeee my account details so she can hopefully pick some things up for me.

See you soon


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Real Life version of stardolls everyday items

Hello readers,

My apologies for being M.I.A over the past few days, there was a bit of a crisis at home.This post has taken me two days to reasearch, so I hope it's worth it :) Anyway I was wondering where stardoll get the inspiration for everyday items which arn't hotbuys? Is every item inspired by designer peices? Whilst reading my Elle magazine a/w fashion week feature magazine I noticed some peices which are currently in the starplaza but don't have an inspired by lable on them, but look almost or the same as there designer twins. Examples...

The sheer black mortal kiss skirt was found in Gucci's a/w collection first seen at London fashion work a few months ago.

Bizou and Marc Jacobs seem to have collaborated, he inspired some of the more recent peices which have come out such as the:

~ Burgundy Waxy Jacket

~ Azure Small gloves

~ Azure spotted beret

~ Burgundy Waxy skirt

~ Black flower hat

(My apologies for poor image quality)

They are all exactly the same apart from the beret and jacket. I personally think the items should have an inspired by label on them as they look almost exactly like the originals.

What are your thought's

Love Georgie/abbeydawn122 x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

LE icon ?

 Hey. If you can see, the LE DECOR Logo is gone !? As you can see in many blogs, there are LE spoilers out .... will you buy anything ? Let me know!

Free Necklace

  1.   Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Write anything in the box and send it out
  4. Log out ( ! )
Your necklace is in the beauty parlor (:

I'm sorry, but dunno but I can't make a screenshot :-s

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How much do we really know?

To the readers,

Whilst staring out of the window in maths today, watching the wind pull leaves off the trees in a rather agressice fashion, I was pondering upon the fact that I know so little about the authours who write and help shape some of the most well known blogs in the stardoll community. In a way I adore the fact that I know so little about the most famous. Which helped me to decide on a suitable topic for todays post: How much do you know about me? I don't want to sound vain by writing this or making a post about myself and my own non stardoll related life, so I would completely understand if you want to finish reading here...

Georgie is the name I call the slightly odd person that my brain so happens to control. Yes unfortunately I am a teenager; fortunately I am a one of a kind unique individual who is most likely more mature than the next girl, but still partly stereotypically British in the fact that I eat and moan far too much. Here is the place I will record my thoughts, questions and stories- all the things floating around my head.

Annoyingly my best ideas occur to me in the period of time lying in bed before I go to sleep and I’ve fallen into a dream world before I can record my thoughts. Most of my idea’s float into my brain whilst I’m in my room, all the random crap I have collected over the years is well… my inspiration I guess. Odd findings, mismatched bags and boxes all seem to hold a memory – each is individual and special.

Collecting odd bit’s and bobs is my forte. The musty smell of time in charity shops is one I quite like. My sister is forever the snob and thinks the world of vintage is nothing more than a pile of smelly rags on hangers. I however disagree. Picking up the odd Chanel blazer or Hermes purse is not uncommon for me. I love how each item tells a story, even if we do not know it. It’s not something you would find with your run of the mill high street clothing. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the clothes from popular shops; the majority of my wardrobe comes from there. I just prefer something a little more… dated. My most recent find was a pair of bright red, Gola high tops which looked brand new. Despite being a little on the large side I knew they were the ones for me. They’re staring me in the face as I write, the silver glittery toecaps reflecting the light streaming through my window and making patterns on the ceiling.
I some times consider myself a little unusual different, a bit odd. My friends are a little strange but I find it hard to have an intellectual conversation with some of them. That is probably the reason why I spend my time in older company. I love having fun; immaturity unless influenced by alcohol just doesn’t come naturally to me though.

The other gender… my thoughts on them you ask? Relationships and I just don’t go together. Since watching the disintegration of my parents’ marriage I don’t want to be in one. I write that, however I can’t really make a proper decision as I’ve never fallen in 'love' before. I’ve often pondered upon the possibility that it is just fantasy, but what is it that people feel towards each other then? Marriage seems to work as often as it fails, why bother?

Hobbies and interest’s... Tricky. Exercise and I don’t exactly go hand in hand. I respect those who love it, I admit I find swimming very liberating especially if the water isn’t at minus temperatures; I just hate other types of sport. Am I interested in fashion I hear you girls cry. Fashion for me is a lifestyle choice- one I dip in and out of. My main passion is writing. Love doesn’t quite describe how I feel about it. Expressing my feelings on paper and being able to hold onto those thought’s forever, even if the brain forgets them. It’s an art form to some and a monotonous subject for others. I just can’t get enough…
Georgie/abbeydawn122 xx