Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Readers,
I’m back from my mini break in Wales, with one thing in mind: Accessories
Statement accessories are one of the key items of this season with handcuffs at Laboutin and pradas new range of iconic eyewear, stardoll has brought us many fabulous accessories each fall at a range of prices from L.E’s classic fur gloves and boots to art deco Bizou bangles and metallic collars.

If it’s statement you want L.E will provide you with the most amazing pieces to liven up any outfit… but will probably leave you with hardly any sd in your account. For a handful of starcoins you can pick up the same style accessories for a fraction of the original price.

My other personal favourite type of accessories has to be those of the hotbuys variety. Quirky and individual each is unique and unpredictable. Woolly hats, colourful detailed necklaces even a silk effect turban or two is nothing out of the ordinary.

Bizou is the home of Stardolls essentials, but with a twist of glamour and chicness thrown into the mix. I was impressed by their interpretation of this seasons major obsession with collars, and even more inpressed with the prices. My favourite had to be the gold metallic collar priced at only …, - such a bargain!

What are your favourite accessories, and places to find them? Comment for a cupcake J

Love Georgie/abbeydawn122 xx

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