Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Real Life version of stardolls everyday items

Hello readers,

My apologies for being M.I.A over the past few days, there was a bit of a crisis at home.This post has taken me two days to reasearch, so I hope it's worth it :) Anyway I was wondering where stardoll get the inspiration for everyday items which arn't hotbuys? Is every item inspired by designer peices? Whilst reading my Elle magazine a/w fashion week feature magazine I noticed some peices which are currently in the starplaza but don't have an inspired by lable on them, but look almost or the same as there designer twins. Examples...

The sheer black mortal kiss skirt was found in Gucci's a/w collection first seen at London fashion work a few months ago.

Bizou and Marc Jacobs seem to have collaborated, he inspired some of the more recent peices which have come out such as the:

~ Burgundy Waxy Jacket

~ Azure Small gloves

~ Azure spotted beret

~ Burgundy Waxy skirt

~ Black flower hat

(My apologies for poor image quality)

They are all exactly the same apart from the beret and jacket. I personally think the items should have an inspired by label on them as they look almost exactly like the originals.

What are your thought's

Love Georgie/abbeydawn122 x

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