Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Style by room"

Heii ;D Another post of me:

There is a new feature, called " Style by room" 
Quote of Stardoll /

"Now it’s easier to be ready for the Beach Villa in your bikini, and wear your party dress in the Penthouse – thanks to Style by Room ! It works like this:
         You’ll be in your top stylethis style is the main style, and is the style that you’ll always have in          your   main suite room and (unless you change to room style) in all the other rooms in your Suite.

 BUT in all the other rooms – not the main Suite room – you’ll have the option to change your style to a room style!  Just open the tab on the left side of your Suite room, and you’ll find all the items in your Wardrobe and Accessories Shelf available so that you can change to room style.
Dress your MeDoll and press save.  Voila!  Room style!
If you don’t like the room style you’ve created, you can change it back to the top style by using the button in the same left side tab.
If you really like your room style, you can turn it into your top style!  That button is also located in the left side tab in your Suite room.
Things to remember:
* Your main Suite room will always have your top style – you won’t find the left side tab in this room, and you won’t be able to create a room style.
* In order to create a room style, you’ll need to have items placed in your Wardrobe and Accessories Shelf.  Items sitting in your Storage will not appear in your room style choices.  So make sure you move those items to your Wardrobe and Shelf!"

What do YOU think about this ? 

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